Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator Training Course

The Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator training course is a two day intensive training course that provides a basic introduction to all aspects of being a PAM operator.

The course provides background information on history and physics of sound and its effects on the environment, how PAM systems work, a comprehensive unit on the calls of marine mammals. The course culminates with the students setting up equipment, hard and software and finally carrying out a PAMO watch.

About The Training Course

The course provides you with the knowledge to work as a Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator.

Throughout the theory you will receive continuous assessment on each unit in order to make sure you have retained the information, allowing our staff to identify areas that need additional attention ensuring you are fully equipped to perform your role.



All students that successfully complete the Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator training course will receive a certificate and an ID card.

Please note that this certificate entitles the bearer to work only as a PAM and does not qualify you as a certified PAM trainer. If you are interested in becoming a PAM trainer then please contact us.

How to Register

You can register by clicking on the register button at the top of the page.