Below is an outline of the course timetable. The Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator training course is designed to fully equip all students with the knowledge required to carry out their job. We want to make sure you are prepared before you start any role.

Please be aware that each day is long, intense and that the times below are subject to change based on student involvement.


  • Student registration
  • Welcome, introduction, staff, course aims, fire drill etc
  • The guidelines and PAM
  • Introduction to underwater acoustics
  • Underwater noise
  • PAM systems
  • PAM processing and displays
  • Animal acoustics and call recognition
  • Operating a PAM system watch
  • A PAM watch
  • Acoustic deterrents
  • The future of PAM
  • Results of the PAM watch



  • Set up of hardware and software systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • PAM watch from a running system